About Proveiance, your HSE specialist

About Proveiance, your HSE specialist

ProVeiAnce. Environmental, Health and Safety Consultants

About Proveiance
ProVeiAnCe Safety and Environmental Consultants focuses on safety expert and environmental issues ..

We have knowledge of safety at work (occupational health), process safety, but also of setting up HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) processes within companies.

Leon Burgerhout SKO certified safety manager level 3 ProveianceThe owner of Proveiance, mr. LJT Burgerhout (Leon), is a certified safety professional with a higher environmental background (HBO environmental science). He has both practical and theoretical knowledge. In 1995 he started as a process operator which for he also knows the practice. This experience is enhanced by the many maintenance stops he supervised as safety expert. The contact with the “field work” remains as Leon the last few years has supervised several new construction projects as HSE supervisor. Here he acted as a field supervisor, but also as a consultant when problems occurred in the area of HSE.

In 1998, Leon got his degree “safety science” and began assisting many shutdowns in industrial cleaning. In 2003 he got the diploma Senior Safety Engineer and since then he is a certified expert core asset in accordance with the Dutch Labour Law as wel.

Some examples where Proveiance has been involved in recent years:

  • Interim management (HSE manager, HSE specialist, project manager, etc.);
  • HSE support during shutdowns and new construction;
  • Support in the implementation of the PGS 6 (BRZO 99);
  • Supporting the implementation of PGS 15 (Storage of packed hazardous substances) ;
  • Accident and incident investigation (Tripod, root cause analysis, etc.);
  • Establish HSE indicators (leading and lagging);
  • Providing training and workshops in the field of HSE, VCA, etc.
  • Performing internal audits and support for external audits;
  • Execution and testing of RI&E, Risk Inventory and Evaluations;
  • Developing HSE management (vision and mission);
  • Create, customize, and test various Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E);
  • Establish and maintain HSE management systems (ISO 9001, 14001, VCA);
  • Establishment and maintenance of (electronic) work permit system;
  • Support in environmental applications;
  • Support HAZOP studies;
  • Establishment and support of safety improvement;
  • Design and evaluation of (critical) processes;
  • HSE management in the field;
  • Perform investigations as exposure hazardous substances, noise, etc.
  • Providing independent advice.

Our experience lies mostly within the process industry, petrochemical industry and industrial cleaning. Furthermore, we are also well known within the civil engineering. Our broad experience and extensive network, we are perfectly capable to properly answer security issues, supervise projects and fill in temporary occupations.

Proveiance, your HSE specialist

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