Accident and incident investigation

Accident and incident investigation

Accident and incident investigationSometimes things go wrong and an accident and incident investigation is necessary tp be done by a (certified) safety expert. One problem in the production or an accident involving an employee or contractor. Soon there will be several agencies with questions about how it happened, what caused it, how they could have prevented it, what they will do to avoid repetition and many other issues. In such cases it is useful if you perform an accident and incident investigation done by an experienced (higher) safety expert. He may answer the question so it is expertly handled.

Accidents and incidents are detrimental to a company, they are expensive and there may be victims. Learning from accidents and incidents is therefore important to prevent worse and repetition. That is why an accident and incident investigation is necessary. Not only to identify the causes, but also to learn from it for the future.

In practice, we unfortunately do not always learn from accidents and incidents. For example, after all, there are still explosions and there are still people falling down …. but less and less as we are always actively working to prevent accidents and incidents. The accident and incident investigation is therefore very important to prevent recurrence and worse. Every self-respecting company does an accident and incident investigation, if it ever goes wrong, to learn from it.

Actually there are not many new casualties, but only new victims.

Methods of accident and incident investigation

There are several methods to do an accident and incident investigation. Some of these are:

  • Tripod
    A comprehensive but also labor intensive method. This is an accident or incident to be investigated in detail to determined the basic risk factors.
  • Root Cause Analyse (RCA)
    Focused on analyzing the causes, not as profound as the Tripod method.
  • Bow-tie
    Bow-tie method
  • Feitenboom
    A method designed to identify all the facts in order to relate these to each other if it were to come to a reconstruction of the accident or incident

Proveiance often uses the Tripod method and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) with accident and incident investigation.

We can also set up a registration system in which all accidents and incidents are recorded. You can perform a trend analysis to determine if there are accidents and incidents that have the same background (learning from accidents).

We can carry out accident and incident investigations with several methods, like Tripod or Rootcause analyses. Incident and accident investigation generates information to prevent (similar) accidents in the future.
Further, we can help you to implement a registration system for incidents and accidents. It is important to categorize the incidents/accidents, for example in Basic Risk Facts (BRF). With a statistic you can easily see which BRF scores as highest. With this information you can give direction to your HSE policy.

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Emergency service

In case of accidents or rush jobs it can occur that you immediately needs a security advice. Here for we can serve you, 24 hours a day.

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