HSE Education and training

HSE Education and training

By organizing our extensive experience in the areas of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), we are capable to give a wide range of courses, trainings and workshops. Here we use our expertise and our network of which we only use people that meet our quality standards. For a training / education / workshop, the group has to exist of at least 8 persons. Depending on the type of training / education / instruction there will also be a maximum limit imposed on the group, normally this will be around twelve. For workshops this number can be higher.

An overview of the HSE Education and Training

Here is a list of HSE courses, trainings and workshops that can be organized by Proveiance. Contact us for other HSE courses, trainings and workshops or for more information.


  • 2 dayparts , supplementary exam
  • designed for all operational employees
  • SSVV officially recognized diploma

VCA for operational supervisors

  • 3 dayparts , supplementary exam
  • intended for supervisors and managers
  • SSVV officially recognized diploma

HSE Education and training

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

  • 1 daypart
  • During this training you will learn the basics of practical independently to establish a job safety analyse. The training is highly interactive.

Handling of hazardous materials and substances

  • 1-2 days (depends on the desired depth)
  • Statutory requirements for an MSDS
  • Target material safety data sheet (MSDS)
  • Read and review MSDS
  • Global Harmonising System (GHS)
  • Use personal protective equipment (PPE)

First day introduction new staff / (temporary) employee / freelancer

  • 1 daypart
  • HSE instruction
  • demonstrate workplace
  • hazards of the work to be performed
  • hand out protective equipment (PPE)

You will receive a brief report of the instruction, signed by the new employee and the instructor as proof of the given instruction. In case of an accident you can use it to show that you have given the right instruction in any case.

Company Emergency Response (BHV)

  • Duration of training: two days
  • The company Emergency Response workers in your company will be trained so they:
    • can provide first aid
    • can combat fire
    • can do CPR with an AED
    • can evacuate colleges and visitors

If desired, the participants receive a diploma recognized by the NIBHV.

Furthermore, we can also help companies with emergency respons(ER) exercises, for example, the fire scenarios, but for example in schools, we can also provide children’s first aid.

Organizing workshops

Log Out Tag Out (LOTO)

  • Duration: 1 daypart
  • LOTO is designed to provide systems free of energy so that no accidents can occur during maintenance. The training teaches people what LOTO is and how it works.

Work Permits


  • Duration: depending on the depth
  • Observing workers is a sensitive issue in many companies, but very important for a good safety culture. We must prevent people feel watched or betrayed. Developing an open safety culture to reduce this feeling can make observations a valuable “tool” to help the organization to progress.

Proveiance can help in setting up an observation program, including training.

Process Safety training

Process Safety is very important to prevent major accidents. Think of major disasters such as the explosion at the BP refinery in Texas City.

We can facilitate the following courses for you:

  • HAZOP training (HAZard and OPerability training)
  • LOPA (Layer Of Protection Analysis)
  • SIL classification (Safety Integrity Level)

If you have questions about HSE training and education or want more information, please contact us or make an appointment with us.

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