Management systems and certification

Management systems and certification

Management systems are designed to streamline processes within an organization as well as possible. The possibility of errors, omissions and / or undesired events will be limited. This saves costs and a company is thus elevated to be a reliable partner to do business with.

etting up these systems can for various disciplines such as occupational health, environment, health, safety, quality, etc. To qualify a management systems officially exist standards against which you can certify your management systems, think of:

Quality:ISO 9001
Environment:ISO 14001
Occupational health:OSHAS 18001

The setting up of management systems is custom because each organization has its own way of working. A system must be tailored as much as possible on the organization to achieve success. Obviously certain requirements set standards to an organization, but a company has a lot of freedom for self-interpretation.
Zorgsystemen en certificeringen The difficulty (and sometimes the lack of understanding) is in the fact that norms expect a minimal level of firms to make this certifiable. A certification indeed gives a value judgment which a company can profile itself within the market.
Companies often underestimate that certification simply bring with it certain obligations. Therefore, the advice is to think very well what you intend to achieve with a certification.
Once the choice is made to go for certification, you have to assume that this may have a impact on your organization. Communication and a good roll-out plan is essential to get along with your people, because there will be changes.

To set up a certifiable management system needs about a year work. When companies already have something done, this period may be shortened. However, a management system should be implemented at least three months (full functioning) before it can be certified.

Proveiance has set up several certified management systems in the past and we would to do it also for your company. Companies for whom we did it are:

  • Watco Industrial Cleaning BV:
    (ISO 9001/ISO 14001/VCA**)
  • Buchen Industrial Cleaning:
    (ISO 9001/ISO 14001/VCA**)
  • Construction company VINK BV:
    (ISO 9001 en VCA**)
  • Koppenol Industrial Services: (VCA*)

We can also keep your management system certifiable. We do this by performing internal audits and make reports of it. Together with the management is then discussed how to solve any shortcomings. We can also assist you in writing a management review, performing the necessary analyzes, performing accident / incident investigations etc.

At last, the VCA standard demand the support of a safety expert. It may be that you do not employ safety expert. Proveiance offers you a contract on-call base. This contract provides standard 8 hour counseling (safety engineer level) per year (these are the fixed costs). Additional hours are charged on a timebase.

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