Proveiance vision and mission

Vision and mission

ProVeiAnCE is a safety and environmental consultancy and stands for “Process Veiligheids(safety) Analyses and CE mark”, topics which were actual at the start of Proveiance in 2002. These issues are still relevant, only the scope of our work now widened considerably. CE marking in contrast, is a subject that we are no longer dealing with.

Our experience is mainly within the process and chemical industries. In addition, there are also services to the Field civil engineering, the earth, road and water construction and the Energy Industry.

HSE advice

HSE Consultants health safety environment ProveianceIt is our intention to provide reliable, useful and practical advice in order to gain the safety and environmental performance of our customers at a higher level. We always strongly take into account the cultural and financial resources within a company. Our recommendations and implementation strategy can be adapted accordingly.
Laws and regulation are always the basis for our advice, what we won’t and we can not ignore. Sometimes this leads to the necessary discussions, but it can be said that customers appreciate this and are generally satisfied with the results.
We therefore continue to further enhance the safety and environmental performance of companies within Europe, but perhaps further if there is a demand from there.

The strength and value of our organization lies in the fact that we have had many clients to solve safety and environmental issues. This has gained wide experience, for example in the area of safety management systems (SMS), occupational safety, process safety, but also very specific tasks such as Seveso regulations, various national loss prevention guidelines, accident investigations, support during shutdowns / construction, risk assessments (RAE), interim management , safety culture, work permits etc.

Proveiance publishes a monthly free toolbox for which you can subscribe. Through the toolbox a specific topic will be discussed. When there are important things in the field, members receive a letter about this. In this way we will keep you informed of recent developments and events in our field.

The above should ensure that we continue to grow into a respected and valuable partner for Safety and Environmental issues.

Ing. L.J.T. Burgerhout
Ing. LJT Burgerhout
Certified Senior Safety Engineer (V32087)
Owner Proveiance

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