HSE project management

HSE project management

Project management RAP internationalFor (larger) projects, it is often important that they run smoothly. Accidents, incidents, problems with authorities, etc. are things that no project manager is waiting for.

For certain projects, the law requires that there always is a HSE project management. More and more companies have their own certified safety managers, but sometimes the projects are too complex or too big. An external (higher) certified safety manager can provide support. In these cases you can always count on the expertise of Proveiance.

For a good HSE project management, it is important that you supervise a (higher) certified safety manager. Ing. L.J.T. Burgerhout is such a recognized (higher) certified safety manager. This way you prevent problems and make sure that everything goes according to laws and regulations. This is beneficial to the project.

A (higher) certified safety manager will take responsibility within the project and will be keen and attentive to everything that has to do with safety.

Need HSE project management?

Proveiance HSE provides HSE project management in the broadest sense of the word. We arrange matters such as:

    HSE project management Croda

  • Complete HSE project management
  • H&S planning
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Contractor audits
  • Accident and incident investigation
  • (Pre start up) Safety Reviews
  • HAZOP studies
  • Arranging and performing exposure measurements
  • Project Reports
  • Establishing project indicators
  • Consultation with the authorities

HSE project management BP Raffinaderij

Proveiance in recent years guided and supervised the following projects in terms of HSE project management:
HSE project management Eneco

  • Establishing electronic work permit system BP Refinery Rotterdam (2006-2008)
  • Building Enecogen power plant Maasvlakte Rotterdam (2011)
  • Supervising project “Leiding over Noord” Eneco (heath line for central heating citizens of Rotterdam)
  • Building Biofermentation Installation Croda Gouda (2015)
  • Building fire extinguish installation Croda Gouda (2015)

HSE project management enecogen

If you have questions or would like more information about HSE project management or if you want to make a appointment please contact us. Do not get surprised and always choose a (higher) certified safety manager with experience.

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