Safe work permits

Safe work permits

Safe work permits are intended to confer and make binding agreements on health, safety and working procedures with everyone involved in the work. Through permits a client can give permission to employees, contractors and sub-contractors to perform the work.

The safe work permits are not required by law, but most companies in the industry have a work permit system. Without the permit a contractor or employee can not perform work. In this way, the company has more control over the implementation of the activities within the organization.

Proveiance can assist in the creation, improvement and optimization of the work permit system in order to bring security to a higher level. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to make an appointment with Leon Burgerhout (certified higher safety expert).

Why Safe work permits

In the late sixties of the last century tremendous growth within the process industries occurred. Unfortunately also happened many accidents and incidents. On the one hand this happened because risks have not been identified, but also in the communication affairs went wrong. Many incidents and accidents occurred during maintenance of existing facilities. Often found that the agreements between the client (production) and the executive party were not clear. To improve this they had to set up the work permit system.
Safe work permits are primarily created to ensure the safety and health of workers and to prevent accidents and incidents.

Safe work permitsSafe Work permits have to make agreements between the client (process risks) and the executive party (labor risks).
Through the safe work permits they specify which safety precautions should been taken by the workers, contractors and sub-contractors to perform the work safely, think for example of securing (LOTO) systems.

In addition, the performing party (applicant) must clearly indicate in the statement what kind of work he / she is going to do so that the license evaluator (usually someone from operations) can estimate as good as possible the risks.

Once all measures have been taken, the contractor can pick up the safe work permits at the supplier. Both parties sign the safe work permits. The safe work permits is actually a kind of contract between the two parties in order to safely performing the job. Breach can have far-reaching consequences (eg accidents, but also legal consequences).

Some points to be included in a safe work permits:

  • Duration of safe work permits
  • Location where the work will be performed
  • The method and timing of the work is carried out
  • The number and names of persons who will performe the work
  • Measures that the client takes
  • Measures that the licensee takes
  • Measures to ensure a safe and clean workplace after work
  • Terms and conditions under which the license was granted

Problems secure work permits

Unfortunately, practice shows that the work permit processes not always run well, common problems are:

  • Too many safe work permits why the supplier can not give proper attention during the supply;
  • Not or bad explaining of and talking about the safe work permits;
  • Employees in the workplace do not know the safe work permits;
  • Poorly filled safe work permits so that the scope is unclear, incorrect / inadequate controls may be the result;
  • Request is uncoordinated which will put the preparation under pressure;
  • Safe work permits are not respected.

Optimize and improve work permit process

Proveiance has extensive experience in setting up and improving the work permit process. If your process, that does not run well for any reason, we can help you improve and optimize the work permit process.

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